I am a Christian homeschool student interested in pursuing a career in computer science, specifically software engineering.

I enjoy programming, and have worked on various projects. I recently finished a weather application calledWeather Desktop using the KDE frameworks and have published it for sale in the Ubuntu Software Center.

Currently, I am an Ubuntu Touch developer, and work on the File Manager core app and lead the uBibledevelopment team. I previously worked on a program for Ubuntu called Contributor Console, but left the project because I found out that I don’t like Gtk programming due to lack of good documentation and the general design of the toolkit, and liked Qt/KDE programming much better.

After Canonical announced its 2nd Ubuntu App Showdown competition, I started developing an Ubuntu Touch app for it called Ubuntu Tasks. The competition went for six weeks, and I successfully submitted my application for judging.

After the competition was finished, one of the app showdown judges invited me to form a team with him and several other developers and designers. The goal of the project is to develop high quality apps for Ubuntu touch that have high coding standards and receive professional designs from the designers.

Projects I’ve Contributed To


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  1. Micheal, thanks for your importing message. We’re on your side here at SimplyTapp. We want to get involved in Ubuntu mobile for nfc host card emulation patch. What is the best way to get started

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