Announcing My Next Major Apps: Project Dashboard and Notification Center!

Yesterday, I and several other developers and designers announced a new initiative called Torico which was formed to bring developers and designers together to develop high-quality applications with professional designs. It is open to all, so if you are interested in joining, you can find out more here or join use on IRC at #torico on Freenode.

We have not selected the applications we plan on developing yet, and suggestions are welcome! The two major applications I would like to develop as part of Torico are as follows:

Project Dashboard

So my idea for this app is basically to show a summary or dashboard of everything related to a specific project the user is working on. For example, if I am developing an app for Ubuntu Touch and am storing it on GitHub, I would want to see GitHub Issues & Pull Requests, maybe a list of tasks I want to do related to my app, notes, the Click App Store plugin (allowing me to see user reviews, the number of sales/installs, etc). If I was working on a construction project, I might want the Weather, Local Headlines, maybe a construction-specific RSS feed, notes, calendar, and tasks.

Notification Center

This would be similar to Project Dashboard, and would share the same plugins/dashboard, but with a slightly different focus. Instead of working on specific projects, it would focus on different profiles, such as work, developer, and home.

Each profile would have a set of connected plugins that would provide information to the profile, either in the form of widgets like Project Dashboard or in the form of a feed of information.

More details about these two applications can be found here. Both of these applications will share the same plugins, but work in slightly different ways as described above. They will both be open source, but possibly paid in some way, perhaps by paying for individual plugins.

I’d love to have other contributors, so if anyone is familiar with the Ubuntu SDK and would like to help develop these two applications with me, you’re welcome to join Torico and help! Suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated also.


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