Ubuntu Tasks – Version 0.4, Trello Boards are Editable!

I finally figured out how to send HTTP PUT requests from QML/JavaScript, so now I’ve succeeded in making most of the Trello backend is editable! You can now do the following:

  • Create/rename/archive Trello projects
  • Create Trello tasks
  • Edit most of a Trello task (except for priority, tags, and checklists)

Unfortunately, there is no way to connect to Trello on a phone yet because the support has not been added to the SDK in the phone implementation (although it does work on the desktop)

I also worked on adding a UI for editing the description of a project. I’ve merged this with the Rename and Archive toolbar buttons and placed them in a Projects popover:

qmlscene: mainView_034

It’s been an exciting 4 1/2 weeks since the Ubuntu App Showdown started, and I’m proud to say that Ubuntu Tasks is almost feature complete in terms of what I wanted to get done by the App Showdown deadline. All I have left is to improve the Trello lists UI and add support for creating/renaming/deleting them and making Trello checklists editable (and probably a few other things that I haven’t thought of yet). Other than that, it’s bug fixing time! So, any bug reports would be very much appreciated!


One thought on “Ubuntu Tasks – Version 0.4, Trello Boards are Editable!

  1. This app looks beautiful! It’s great to see Christian guys who are interested in Linux and open source programming. Myself and my team at http://loopandway.com would be interested in having you write an article on uBible or Ubuntu Tasks for our website. If you’re interested, feel free to email me using my personal email or cowboynick [at] loopandway [dot] com. Thanks!

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