Ubuntu Tasks – Version 0.3, Live in the Click App Store!

Hooray, Ubuntu Tasks is finally available for testing in Ubuntu Touch! I’d appreciate it if people with Ubuntu Touch phones could install it and report any bugs they find, since I don’t have an Ubuntu Touch device yet. You can report any bugs you find to https://github.com/iBeliever/tasks-app/issues. I’d also love to see screenshots posted in Google+ of the app running on a phone!

Along with getting Ubuntu Tasks into the app store, I’ve also been busy finding and fixing bugs. Here are some bugs that I’ve fixed:

  • Toolbar didn’t change when switching pages
  • Repeating tasks didn’t work
  • Dates changed in mysterious ways
  • Couldn’t create a due date with a date of 31
  • Couldn’t access task actions when long pressing a task
  • Completion date was only visible when there was a due date
  • The Trello integration switch stayed on even if authentication was canceled
  • And many other small bugs

I’ve also added some new features:

  • A new About page
  • A search page
  • Tags!
  • Ability to move tasks
  • Refresh action for Trello
  • An uncategorized tab/section
  • The ability to add tasks to the uncategorized tab from the upcoming tab

Lots happening in Ubuntu Tasks, since the due date is in a little over one week from now!


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