Ubuntu Tasks v0.2

I’ve finally finished version 0.2 of Ubuntu Tasks, bringing in a huge amount of changes, though most of them can’t be seen.

After my first attempt at a Trello plugin, I learned that my current backend won’t easily support read/write Trello synchronization. So, I took began rewriting the backend and UI mostly from scratch, and for the past week, my app has been lying in pieces across my desktop (well, maybe not my desktop, just in Qt Creator). I’m happy to say it is mostly put back to gather and merged into the master branch!

On the backend side, my new code is designed in such a way that Trello boards/lists/cards can be locally stored for faster startup, and changes can be made to it, even while the backend is still loading a fresh version.

I’m now beginning to work on making the Trello plugin editable. Currently, you can now create Trello boards from within Ubuntu Tasks! That’s all that can be done so far, however. The rest is still read-only.

I’ve also added sorting, so now higher importance tasks are shown at the top.

Here’s a pick of the UI showing the list-switcher at the top:

qmlscene: mainView_072

I’ve been trying to upload my app into the Click app store, but unfortunately have been unsuccessful due to the click file not uploading. I’ll try to get that working tomorrow so hopefully people can start testing it and reporting all the bugs (because I’m sure there’s at least a few).


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