Ubuntu Tasks – Initial Convergence!

Today, I’ve been working on a very important feature, and one that will get me extra points in the App Showdown judging process – Convergence! It hasn’t landed in master yet, because I’m still testing it for bugs (and fixing them, of course), but if anyone wants to test it, you can find the code in the adaptive-layout branch of my GitHub project.

Basically, when the app is wide enough (over 80gu), as on a desktop or tablet, the layout becomes optimized for that size. I’ve also redesigned the categories view, so that’s new too.

So, when first starting on the desktop, a sidebar showing the list of categories allows for switching between categories, and then the tasks in the selected category are displayed on the right. The user can also easily view upcoming or overdue tasks in the same manner as viewing categories.

qmlscene: mainView_046

When starting in phone mode, a page presents a list of upcoming or overdue tasks. A second page shows a list of categories.

qmlscene: mainView_047qmlscene: mainView_048

Selecting a category takes the user to the a list of tasks in that category.

In either desktop/tablet or phone mode, clicking on a task takes the user to a page to view details about the current task and change options about it.

qmlscene: mainView_049

While transitioning between tablet and phone mode obviously isn’t possible, the app can be resized on the desktop. When the app changes sizes requiring the showing or hiding of the sidebar, the sidebar transitions between states with a beautiful animation.

Over the next few days, I plan to work on adding checklists and possibly converting to using QtOrganizer. Also, I plan on adding the ability to make tasks repeat themselves daily, weekly, or monthly.


3 thoughts on “Ubuntu Tasks – Initial Convergence!

  1. I tried this out today morning and it is spectacular. The pace at which this app is being developed is incredible that I might even make it my default task app. At the moment I use trello. So it would be nice at a later stage, if you could consider supporting it. Consider me a fan of your work 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂

      Once I get the basic app features done I’m going to investigate adding other backends. I use Trello myself, so that is definetly something I’m going to work on support for. I’d like to make it so it is easy to add support for different backends and be able to handle the differences between the different services. Something else I was thinking that would be cool is to make it so you can connect to projects in Launchpad and GitHub to manage the bugs/issues for a project, but that would be more complicated because it would require support for comments and other things

      • Nice to know trello will be supported. As for Github or Launchpad, you may not need to add support for comments at first. Initially you can just retrieve the bug reports assigned to you. By taking the bug report status, you can accordingly set the status of the task as well.

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