Ubuntu Tasks – New Task Page Design

Thanks to ideas from Nekhelesh Ramananthan, I’ve been completely redesigning the task page (both to view/edit tasks, and to create new tasks).

While the new design is not complete and hasn’t landed in the master branch, here is screenshot of what I’ve done:

qmlscene: mainView_043

As you can see, everything has been simplified into a nice list-like view and all the buttons have been converted into list items. Something that I’ve lost because of this switch is the colorized priority. I’d really like to have this, but can’t figure out where to put it, so if anyone has suggestions, they would be much appreciated!

I’ve also been working on checklists! I haven’t polished the UI yet (particularily the editing of checklist items), and the implementation is rather buggy, but here is a screenshot:

qmlscene: mainView_044

Tomorrow I plan to finish working on checklists and design a better UI for categories. If I have time, I’d also like to work on tags.

I’ve been reading mailing list messages concerning QtOrganizer, and it sounds like it doesn’t even having a working backend yet, so I’m currently postponing that until the UI gets improved.


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