Ubuntu File Manager – Convergence!

A couple months ago, I started contributing to the Ubuntu Touch Core App, File Manager, and soon I was admitted to the team. Currently, the File Manager has reached all of the initial features, plus we’ve been able to add many other useful features. In this article, I’m going to skip coverage of the initial dogfooding goals and jump right in with some of the new features we’ve added.

Most importantly, I’ve been working on convergence! Convergence is the ability of the application to adapt to the system on which it runs, which could be affected by things like mouse or touch input, or screen size.

To adapt to environments with wide screens, such as a computer or tablet, I’ve added a places sidebar, similar to the one in Nautilus:

qmlscene: filemanager_033

I’ve also changed the default size so it looks good on the desktop, under the assumption that the phone and tablet will resize the app accordingly. Here is what the app looks like in phone size:

qmlscene: filemanager_011

I’ve also been working on a settings dialog, and have added a very import feature – advanced features. This allows the user to show or hide features that are advanced and shouldn’t be visible to the average user, like opening a folder in terminal.qmlscene: filemanager_034

While the app doesn’t have backend support for opening a folder in the terminal, I have added the first advanced feature – filtering by regular expressions.

Also, something that has been visible in every screenshot – the Suru theme! Thanks to Victor Thompson, the app has now received a very beautiful dark Suru theme, which helps to portray its rather advanced usage to the user.


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