Ubuntu Tasks

Yesterday, on August 7, Canonical announced the Ubuntu App Showdown for Ubuntu Touch, and I’m going to be developing an app for it!

I am creating a task management app for Ubuntu Touch, which will be licensed under the GPLv3. It will allow the user to add tasks, assign due dates, and manage their progress towards completion. You can find it on GitHub at https://github.com/iBeliever/tasks-app.

I’ve already added a lot of basic features:

  • Added tasks
  • Deleting tasks
  • Assigning a due date
  • Marking a task as completed
  • Editing a task
  • Deleted a task
  • Storage of tasks and settings (for when I add settings) in U1db

Here are some of the features I’d like to complete by the deadline, which is in six weeks, September 15:

  • Marking a task as high, medium, or low
  • Sorting tasks by relevance, which will be calculated based on time to due date, importance, time since created, and overdue time
  • Scheduling tasks for completion in the calendar
  • Managing multiple lists/projects
  • Viewing/Changing task completion status from the list of tasks
  • Hiding tasks that have been completed
  • Checklists of things that need to be done to complete the task
  • Tagging tasks with colors
  • Notification of upcoming due dates

Some features that might be cool to add:

  • Synchronization with Google Tasks
  • Synchronization with Trello
  • Statistics about progress in the entire task collection

Here are some screenshots of what I’ve got:

qmlscene: mainView_001 qmlscene: mainView_004 qmlscene: mainView_005 qmlscene: mainView_006 qmlscene: mainView_007

Any feature suggestions would be very welcome, just add them as comments.

To God be the Glory, as always!


8 thoughts on “Ubuntu Tasks

  1. Looks good! You probably want a check box to the left of each item to allow people to check it off from the main screen when a task is complete.

    • After I posted the article, I added it on the right side of the list item (to follow the way other list items with controls work), and to match the full-page task view.

    • I’m hoping that will be provided by u1db, but I can’t seem to find any clarification on that. I’ll definitely make sure that the app has Ubuntu One support, though!

  2. Your work is always so incredible @iBelieve!
    It would be really useful if you could have Editable categories i.e.

    –Cell Phone due 11 Sept 2013
    –Electricity due 15 Sept 2013
    –Meeting TODAY @ 5:30pm
    –OU IT Store 15 Aug 2013 @ 10:00am


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